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Walter the Labrador and I must be a separated-at-birth circumstance. We both approach a swim at the beach in the same manner —perhaps we also share a resemblance.

just because he’s amazing, #simplicityistheultimatesophistication

Miami has the most amazing vistas -the sky colors reflecting in the water, ocean breezes and golden sunrises and sunsets- it’s a breathtakingly beautiful city.

We’re celebrating the end of summer on the terrace with caipirinha and pão de queijo, a pizza dough is rising in the kitchen for later tonight

Hey Fred, it’s not about unplugging. And it is.

Because we’re human and as such hard coded for survival, and survival includes the mental operation of processing acquired information, it’s possible to feel out-of-sync when deprived of material to process. It doesn’t matter whether the deprivation is by our own selves or others, for example the network going down. Unplugging results in survival anxiety.

So we create habits, train ourselves to better process, process all the time, thoroughly and often, and to file away data / results for future purpose is useful for other aspects of survival. It’s useful. And usefulness is sometimes temporal.

Perhaps unconsciously we don’t erase a particular habit out of concern the problem it solves might return, or perhaps we forget why we trained ourselves in the first place -simple as that. For example, young workers teach themselves to check email out of fear for a poor review, similarly some email / research / publish night and day for gaining economic advantage —rising above competitors. There’s nothing wrong, generally, continuing a habit until the end of days if it’s cost is not precluding other enjoyment opportunities.

In Fred’s instance, other VCs too, daily broadcasts most certainly have paid off economically, hoisting their stars, compensating the VCs and their families —investors too. But does Fred still need to blog every day when most already know he offers one of the best products on the market with great service, he already has produced a valuable body of knowledge readily accessible for any comer with a browser. Surely his USV partners can manage the social media load without him.

Business and personal transitions are natural, just like aging —when one stops transitioning and or aging there’s a problem, Houston.

If Fred dropped the daily blog post habit I believe noone would think he dropped out or gave up, just the opposite really, he’d be signaling awareness and strength. Personal and business strength —he doesn’t have to do it any more. Who wouldn’t think even higher of him for unshackling himself? His peers may suddenly secretly covet returning to the world of the living as he has chosen.

Of course all his brand building was well executed and served it’s purpose, he’s now free to walk away. Not away from investing and creating, away from something he doesn’t need to do daily. He can still blog, tweet and whatever, just not be a slave to it. Dude, just do it —free yourself.

Bottom line, Fred, it’s not about unplugging its about now plugging differently. You friends and fans will admire you more for it, still come to visit the days you’re tending bar. No one expects you to sacrifice personal cycles for the sake of entertaining / educating us. Here’s an idea, while completing your holiday ask a few of your portfolio company CEOs to select from your blog history, each selecting one post, they probably each already have a fav so it’s not a time imposition. Spend a few minutes queuing ‘em as chron posts citing selecting party.

My two cents worth re making the daily posting transition is: Compose a fredsbar app —DIY one weekend, it’s only interface push notifications. For example, push an alert when Fred’s on cocktail duty. Simple as that —MVP. Over the next few weeks think about the post for the day you return from holiday explain in your usual manner how personal transitions create opportunities for unlocking professional transitions —a sort of a leveling-up.

*Disclosure: Too many years ago to count Fred provided an nice assist for something I was working on, offered valuable counsel and more. I’m guessing he may be already on a new blogging path, meaning my post today is redundant as far as he’s concerned and I should have consumed less caffeine, it’s written for those who like me have lived through transitions and enjoy examining habit and those who may want to consider examining for the purpose of determining if any activities should be un-shouldered. And Fred may argue I’ve got the daily blogging thing all wrong, that he writes for himself or as a teacher, bears the cost and will do so happily until the ultimate unplugging all humans must face.

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figs, cheese, tomato basil -yeah!

Remaining in #futebol mode. Roberto Cabanas 1983 goal…

Happy 4 July! Watched the fireworks in PB last evening, the drone captured it much better than my phone’s ground view. Enjoy! [video credit: Jos Stiglingh]

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know your memes
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kudos to @itsmetrognome

Rift with three Kinect 3D cameras

automobile manufacturing 101

that preparing ingredients for couscous thing

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