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automobile manufacturing 101

that preparing ingredients for couscous thing

Happy Friday

This looks f-ing awesome. Imagine machine learning goodies where you can create your own API. Stephen Wolfram’s Introduction to the Wolfram Language vid is ~12 mins in length.

Traffic lights are still generally an efficient hack for reducing collisions whilst keeping traffic moving, however in some instances they slow things down too much as well as permit an unacceptable collision rate. The Hovenring clears up the congestion nicely.

78F feels like 78F;
And quite good coffee;
In an architecturally interesting space;
With a great vibe;
Hearing around me persuasive talk in English, Spanish, Portuguese and, I think, Russian

78F feels like 78F

Dear I-95, I could forgive you if your promise to stop popping my tires. Deal? Sincerely, Robert

84F feels like 85F

Seriously awesome ‘pizza al taglio’ venture opened a few months back, Blocks. The proprietor, Eugenio, works the counter, he ‘chops’ your block of pizza. Pizza is slightly sour, however it’s not sourdough, reminds me more of a potato flour though I haven’t the slightest idea what flour they use. Great place for satisfying a carb craving in a quality manner. Also a plus, the staff are v pleasant and helpful. (Blocks occupies the old Pizza Rustica space, Eugenio nicely refitted it with his own kitchen, fixtures, staff and decor.)

75F feels like 75F

Happy Birthday Tom

75F feels like 75F

Gravity + Stamina = Exhilaration

82 feels like 82 (south Florida)

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